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Natural cosmetic soap for men Royal Rose 100gr


·  Contains rose oil and argan oil.

·  Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

·  Gently exfoliates and deeply hydrates the skin.

·  Preservatives free.

The natural cosmetic soap for men from the Royal Rose cosmetic line  cleanses and provides gentle care for the skin. The formula made of rose oil, argan oil, 100% natural coconut and palm oils is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin prone to blemishes and redness. The small exfoliating particles from dried rose petals gently cleanse the skin removing the layer of dead skin cells and revealing the luminous and clean skin under. It’s deeply hydrated and nourished, visibly refreshed and velvety soft. 

Rub the cosmetic soap onto wet skin to create thick foam and spread all over the body. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.