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Volume: 5 ml.

Silky conditioner for instant softening and comfort on the lips. The combination of natural oils, beeswax and UV filters protects against environmental aggressors. The luxurious formula provides effective and long-lasting care and velvety finish.

OLIVE OIL OF GREECE Lip Balm contains:

    ORGANIC OLIVE OIL - has powerful softening properties, provides optimal water-oil balance and elasticity of the skin, soothes redness and irritation. Olive oil is an excellent prevention against skin aging;
    PLANTASENS OLIVE ACTIVE HP - a modern, natural anti-aging solution. Contains highly concentrated olive squalene, a major component of human sebum. Provides protective skin barrier, protects skin lipids from peroxides, free radicals induced by UV rays. It has moisturizing and softening properties and high skin compatibility. It offers high antioxidant potential, protects the structural tissues of the skin and is a powerful anti-aging ingredient with proven effectiveness;
    Shea Butter - restores the skin's natural balance, nourishes, regenerates and hydrates. It is a natural UV filter - it protects against the harmful effects of the sun's rays and is an excellent prevention against skin photoaging;
    Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals, strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier and improves elasticity.