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Volume: 100 ml.

Exfoliating cream is a must-have step for deeply cleansed and radiant skin. The fine particles of olive stone effectively remove dead cells and coated contaminants on the face.

"OLIVE OIL OF GREECE" Facial Scalp contains:

    ORGANIC OLIVE OIL - Has powerful softening properties, provides optimal water-oil balance and elasticity of the skin, soothes redness and irritation. Olive oil is an excellent prevention against skin aging;
    CREATIN - A skin-friendly kensim that energizes cells. Accelerates cellular function, enhances skin's defense mechanisms, stimulates collagen and ceramide synthesis;
    BONSURF CB OLIVE - vegetable foaming agent - olive oil. It has a good dermatological profile and is perfectly accepted by the skin;
    NATURAL clays - absorb contaminants from the deepest levels of the skin, replacing them with valuable trace elements.