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Intensive cleaning soap "Biofresh Protect" 100gr


Intensively cleansing "Biofresh Protect" soap, which cleans in depth, gently protects the skin and leaves incredible scent behind. It is suitable for both hands and body.

The Biofresh Protect Cleansing Soap has intensive action because of it's ingredients:

  • Silver Waterstops the growth of over 650 species of bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of fungi, thanks to its ability to limit the access of oxygen to cells of unicellular microorganisms. Bacteria do not develop resistance to silver water. It is a wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent and balances the skin's ph;
  • Rose Waterhas anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and soothing effects. It tones, moisturizes and soothes irritated and sensitive skin.


How to use: Wet the soap. Lather over your hands or body using light massage movements to produce rich foam.Rinse under running later